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Smart Retail is a market leader among producers offered dedicated POS solutions for IT devices. We have a wide range of handles, which are characterized by high aesthetics, ergonomics and a perfect fit to the needs of customers. We assume that our solutions are aimed at practical arrangement of the space around the seller, facilitating contact with the target customer. Smart Retail POS articles are a great way to emphasize the individual style of your store, point of sale stand and stand out from the competition.

We specialize in the production of ergonomic solutions for merchant points of sale and point of sale stands. Our many years of experience have allowed us to create a coherent system of compatible stands, elbow arms, swing arms, height adjustable arms and mounting systems for a wide range of IT devices available on the market. You can use ready-made solutions, but remember that we will be happy to help you compose a dedicated, personalized set adapted to the conditions in which you run your business. Practical solutions effectively help to organize the space around the employee, as well as facilitate and ensure high-quality customer service. This has a real impact on increasing the sales potential. Each of our projects is the product of careful thought and engineering precision. All this to make POS handles fulfill their role in the best possible way, ensuring ergonomic working conditions.

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SmartPOS systems

We have ready-made designs of POS stands and POS holders in many different configurations. The experience gained together with our clients allowed us to create universal sets for IT devices. A carefully designed system of products allows you to create yourself the individual configuration in easy way. Take a look at our product catalog. If you cannot find a POS stand that meets your needs, we will gladly make a custom-made POS holder.

VESA monitor holders

LCD monitor holders are a better use of the space of the sales stand. VESA mounting ensures stability and convenience of use, while a wide selection of arms for handles allows you to place many LCD monitors on the one stand.

Holders for payment terminals

The payment terminal holder is an inseparable element of shops, restaurants and service points. A solid stand for a payment terminal should have a stable structure, the ability to rotate and adjust the angle of inclination. These holders for POS terminals just are waiting in our offer.

Holders for tablets, keyboards and printers

If you use a tablet, keyboard or cash register at the sales stand, it is worth having a dedicated mounting for this kind of device. These handles will make their use and everyday work much more convenient. We have ergonomic handles, enclosures and docking stations for many dedicated devices offered on the market.
Create professional workplaces for your employees, equipped with multifunctional IT mounting systems.

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